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Regretting Impulse Decisions

I'm not what you would call "athletic." My peak of fitness occurred in high school when Dance Dance Revolution was popular (around 2005-2006). I started out with those thin pads but wore through 3 of them in two weeks where I eventually got myself a metal one. I was really into it. I ended up losing 30 lbs (13.6 kg) and kept it off by sheer luck until maybe two-ish years ago. At this point, old age is slowly setting in and naturally, I can't quite do things like I used to. Except DDR. I'm still decent for someone who pretty much plays only once a year.

In my desire to get back into good health, I impulsively decided to attempt a Tough Mudder for the end of June in order to subvert my rationalizations about not working out. I had an idea of what it entailed but severely underestimated the amount of effort required for it. Any further thinking about it, I would definitely have bailed on this. But it's exactly what I need. Especially now that I've sunk $100+ for registration and convinced one of my most fit friends to travel from West Virginia to do it with me, there's no way for me to back out.

So now that I've trapped myself in this, all I can do is try to soften the inevitable exhaustion at the end of June by working out. After scouring the internet on how to prep for the Tough Mudder, my best bet would be to just start running. Which makes sense considering this is a 12 mile obstacle course so bare minimum I need to be able to endure being active on my feet for a few hours. So as a start, I'm running every other day (two-ish miles). It's awful but it needs to be done. Maybe once I'm done with this, I can show my face at the Dave and Buster's again with slightly less embarrassment. I'll check back in a week or so with you and let you know how I'm progressing with this terrible (but not terrible) decision.

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